Graham Lawrence: Christmas Thoughts 2015. Merry Christmas 2015Well it is now Boxing Day, so the family festivities and overindulgence is over. That just leaves the traditional lazy day. And the wait for the Premier League football. That comes at evening time here in Thailand. That first means spending a few minutes on fine-tuning the fantasy football team. With breakfast out of the way, it is a few hours before the next round of overindulgence starts.

So that just leaves time for Christmas thoughts 2015. Time to think about a few other more important topics.


I saw one of those things that go round Facebook. It said something like, “I was raised to show the janitor the same Graham Lawrence. Christmas Thoughts 2015respect as the CEO.” That got me thinking that there is not much more than lip service paid to equality by so many these days. And yet at the end of the day we are all born and die the same.  Everyone has feelings and most just want some respect for what they do. And it reminded me that I do believe in equality. I do not think that some people are better than others. They may be better (or worse) than others at doing certain things. However, that does not make them better people. And we all have strengths and weaknesses. Equality means knowing others are not better or worse than you too. It is not purely about being equal in the eyes of the law or having an equal vote. It is a social contract in how we all interact with each other for the better. In the absence of equality, any society is a harsh and deficient underachieving one.

Those Who Work While We Party

It is lovely to spend quality time with family and enjoy the festive excesses. However, during that entire period there are those who have to work. Without their work, we would not be able to enjoy. So here is raising a glass to you. Thank you for your sacrifice.


When family are apart the value of family when back together is obvious. Family who are absent remain in the mind. Nothing more needs to be said.

Final Christmas Thoughts 2015

  • All those I work with.
  • All those in war zones.
  • All those forced to wander looking for shelter.
  • The need for a peaceful future.

And with that I close these Christmas thoughts 2015.