Graham 2013I have quite a lot of future changes planned for my websites over the next few months. These are introduced with little detail below. But I think they are worth looking out for! I will make more announcements in this musings section of my website or on my blog.

Eastlit E-Books

These will include downloadable e-magazine issues of Eastlit. The first one should be launched shortly. That means you will be able to download existing issues of Eastlit as e-books that can be read on your Kindle, Android or iOS Tablet or even smartphone. I am quite excited by this development as it has been (too) long in the planning. The download page will be added with the first downloads very soon.

Eastlit Live

I have some new multimedia material that will go up on Eastlit Live Channel very soon. I am also looking for more. If you have any poetry readings, music, storytelling or any other thing you think may interest us in multimedia format, give me a shout. It should be focused on Asia or its diaspora.

Online Courses

These will be starting with a full online writing course. There will be more on this later.

Future Changes

In the coming year I will also be working on a new initiative. This will be aimed at increasing the profile of Asian poets and writers using the medium of English. It will also be aimed at assisting any journals that support this group.

More immediate changes will include resurrecting and working on two websites that have been left to flounder for too long. These will be established as small sites providing specific services.

There will be more details on all these future changes later.