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Source: Eastlit October 2015: Asian Literature. Poetry. Fiction, Art.

Eastlit October 2015

Eastlit October 2015 includes fiction, poetry, non-fiction, a translation and an interview. There is more poetry and fiction from Malaysia and Pakistan than usual.  Plus there is more from women in this issue.

Hope you enjoy it. And remember to let your friends know if you support literature focused on Asia.


Eastlit October 2015Eastlit is a journal of English literature focusing on Asia. It was launched back in 2012 and has now been published 33 times.  Originally Eastlit focused on the poetry, fiction, non-fiction and artwork of East Asia and Southeast Asia. However, there is now a Southlit Supplement stuffed into every online issue. This focuses on creative writing from South Asia.

Eastlit was orginally founded by me, Graham Lawrence and Bryn Tennant. Bryn however, withdrew to focus on other things in life. For over two years now I have been making sure everything goes to plan, or as close as possible with Eastlit. We have an increasingly large editorial board that selects what is published and what is not in each category.

I hope that those who see this little musings piece include some who will enjoy what we are doing and decide to follow or even help spread the word about Eastlit.

I hope you like the work of the contributors.