Graham Lawrence – Professional

Graham Lawrence is a Thai based British specialist in teaching, training, website development, publishing, editing and the creative arts.

Graham Lawrence is now again working for the American University Alumni Language Center. He is currently managing the Nakhon Ratchasima branch and also working on something known as AUA+ for the wider organization. His current responsibility is to introduce short courses, events and seminars to raise the profile of the Nakhon Ratchsima branch as well as plan an added value online offering for students. He is also available for consultancy work.

Before this living in Bang Saen, Thailand, Graham had over 15 years experience in local teaching to adults, teenagers and corporate clients. For 13 years he ran several successful language centers. During this time he was also involved in the training of hundreds of teachers.

In 2011 Graham decided to take a sabbatical to work on some personal goals. Probably the best known and most successful of these was the founding of Eastlit Journal. In December 2012, the first issue of Eastlit came out. It was, when launched one of the first online journals of English literature dedicated to work specifically from or connected to the combined regions of East and South East Asia.

In 2014 Graham launched Southlit a sister journal to Eastlit. Southlit is aimed at creative writing and art focused on South Asia. Towards the end of 2014 it was decided to integrate Southlit into its larger sister Eastlit.

In the same period Graham Lawrence became active in online teaching. He was involved in the setting up of a now established provider of online classes. Since then he has developed his own online courses. These will be available soon. They are based around his philosophies of:

Enjoy and Learn.


Students learn best when they are in control of their own learning.


Graham Lawrence – Personal:

When not working, Graham lives with his wife and teenage daughter in the seaside town of Bang Saen in Thailand. When working he resides in Bang Ko, Nakhon Ratchasima 3 hours from Bangkok. He has recently celebrated his fiftieth birthday. When not teaching, writing or running Eastlit, Graham can be found playing his guitar. Early in the morning he has also been known to cycle round the local mountains and beaches when in Bang Saen.

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