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Moving Again

Yes its that time for moving again. I have to move branches for work. From Korat to Bang Saen is not too far and Bang Saen is a town well known to me and my family as are the staff at work. So this time it should be a relatively easy move. However, working abroad always comes with its little hoops to jump through.

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Graham Lawrence Musings: BalanceThis short post on balance in life, really started as a seed in my mind a few years back after reading the palliative nurse’s article on regrets people have when dying.  Every man the palliative nurse worked with regretted working too hard. That is stunning and it gets you thinking. What are the most important things in life? When you lie there dying, what do you regret if anything? And what kind of life or personality leads to a life where you have no regrets? Continue reading

Eastlit: A Tale of Three Issues | Graham Lawrence

A Blog Post by Graham Lawrence

Here  is a recent post from my blog. If you haven’t seen it before, why not take a look? This one covers three issues of Eastlit. It includes background information, too.

My blog, Graham Lawrence Net can be found on WordPress. It covers a variety of subjects and has been going since February 2014. It is also linked to in the menu of this website.

A tale of three issues. Eastlit cover issue 37

I haven’t mentioned the last three issues of Eastlit until now. Between them they contain over 40 pages of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, novel extracts, reviews and artwork. These can found by hitting the links in the pictures or text. All of this is Asian focused writing, poetry and artwork…

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New Services

New ServicesNew Services Background


Over the past few years, I have done a few literary and technology projects for people. This has increased with the ongoing recognition and growth of Eastlit. The new services being offered have either been carried out alone or with others. Now that I have more spare time away from work, I am going to offer them more publicly. So if you are interested in any of the following, let me know, or ask for information. I am always happy to offer advice even if it comes to nothing.

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Christmas Thoughts 2015

Graham Lawrence: Christmas Thoughts 2015. Merry Christmas 2015Well it is now Boxing Day, so the family festivities and overindulgence is over. That just leaves the traditional lazy day. And the wait for the Premier League football. That comes at evening time here in Thailand. That first means spending a few minutes on fine-tuning the fantasy football team. With breakfast out of the way, it is a few hours before the next round of overindulgence starts.

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Eastlit October 2015: Asian Literature. Poetry. Fiction, Art.

Eastlit October 2015 Cover. Asian creative writing. Southeast Asian literature. Asian poetry. Asian fiction. Asian artwork. Asian non-fiction. East Asia


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Future Changes

Graham 2013I have quite a lot of future changes planned for my websites over the next few months. These are introduced with little detail below. But I think they are worth looking out for! I will make more announcements in this musings section of my website or on my blog. Continue reading

Slight Changes

Slight Changes Post: Graham Lawrence 2013This is an update of my website. at the moment it involves slight changes only. It is not complete yet, but underway. The plan is to make it easier to navigate, more interesting and more regularly updated.

Regular new posts will appear on this page, which will now be the front page of my website. These posts will not only cover my professional interests, but will also include random thoughts and musings.

The rest of the website is being simplified and updated.

I will keep you updated as the work progresses from slight changes to a final new V2.0. In the meantime look out for new posts and new pages.

Graham Lawrence 1962-1980

6 August 1962: Born Bishop Stortford, Hertfordshire, UK.

May 1978: Finished Compulsory School with Nine GCE O Levels: English Langauge, English Literature, Mathematics, Geography, History, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Religious Studies. Also with one CSE Grade One in Arithmetic.

May 1979: Completed Lower Sixth Form with a GCE O Level in Electronics.

May 1980: Finished Sixth Form with Two GCE A Levels: Chemistry and Physics.

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